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It's not just webcam blackmailers you need to worry about: people can and are gaining an all-too-intimate look into our lives, and surprisingly easily at that.

Best Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

Hit the alarm and run for your life, we've got a code red. While most fingers are pointing at hackers, it's not just ill-intentioned internet whizzes spying on you. In recent years everyone from the security services to schools have been found to have spied on people using integrated cameras to track users and in some cases, for far less wholesome reasons. Victims of webcam hacks have seen images and videos of themselves — regularly in states of undress or in compromising situations — uploaded to voyerism websites.

On top of this, there have been multiple instances of hackers using these unlawful techniques to spy on people they know. It's not just your laptop you need to be worried about either. Scarily, connected baby monitors have repeatedly been the subjects of unlawful viewing, while the Edward Snowden leaks revealed that the NSA long ago gained backdoor access to the cameras within your iPhone or BlackBerry devices.

There's a number of means by which hackers have gained access to people's webcams.

How it works

The most common, however, is through the use of Trojan horse malware. This is malicious code hidden within seemingly innocent files that once downloaded will do its thing and give the wrong'uns backdoor control of your device. Don't think your life's interesting enough to be snooped on?

It doesn't matter, malware expert and Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco Technology Group, Richard Stiennon, told Norton : "We all have to become aware that our every action could be watched. Unless you're being specifically targeted by someone you know — unlikely, but possible — hackers often take a scatter gun approach, attempting to fool many, knowing they will be able to prey on the few foolish enough to click their dodgy links free penis enlargement pills, anyone? Related: How do I keep my webcam private? Verizon is looking to head off mobile-device tracking concerns by placing a peel-off sticker on devices it sells warning users that their location may be tracked by the device.

The U. Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on mobile device tracking for May Is that enough?

How does it work?

Most of the privacy hoopla, experts say, is overblown for now. More concerning to mobile-privacy experts are future services that might be vulnerable to rogue developers, or user-location databases that have the potential to be hacked. For the time being, exercise caution and good judgment when installing apps.

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The same documents also claim that the NSA has or, more likely, had a special working group dedicated to accessing Blackberry devices , though there's no specific mention of means for activating the camera on a Blackberry. It seems safe to assume that hacks like these are also being developed for Google's OS. Indeed, just a few days ago Szymon Sidor—whose LinkedIn page states that he's a former engineering intern with the Google Analytics team—demonstrated in a video how it's possible to activate the camera on an Android device remotely. The only visible evidence that the camera application is running is a single pixel that's almost impossible to detect, even if you know it's there.

Though this new video isn't proof that the NSA has access to Android phones, it's strong evidence that they could. With that said, it's important to remember that this type of hacking must be done on a targeted basis.

It's extremely unlikely that such an exploit is running on your phone now. Either way, it's clear that—at least at one point—government agencies had the ability to remotely view the world through private individuals' smartphone cameras.

Cell phone listening software xampp Connect to exit the fbi plant. Spyware for blackberry access entire phone on laptop Related: How do I keep my webcam private? Can they spy on you through your smartphone microphone? How Your Phone Camera Can Be Used to Spy on You - Reviewed Cameras Well, it turns out that's the most effective means of keeping secure, even if some new fangled hack manages to bypass your antiviral software.

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Spy On Blackberry With Undetectable Blackberry​ Spy App

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Best Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

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